A downloadable game

Shoot Blocks currently uses standard UE4 assets.you can press "E" to get into the car and "Q" to get out ant WASD and SPACE to move. Mouse to look around in the first person view. There are still alot of bugs if you find one please tell me at lizardlad1.0@gmail.com This game is soon to be an open wold game with multiple places to visit i will continue updating this game and maybe one day put it on steam greenlight when I release 1.0! Please leave a comment about how the game is currently! I shall port this game to Mac if i find somebody kind enough to compile the game for me :) if you would like a mac port start a thread and post your support and state if you would compile this game.

New Update!

-Bigger Maps

-Tons of bug fixes for getting out of the car!

Install instructions

Unzip the folder and run the Shoot Blocks executable!


WindowsNoEditor.7z 377 MB